Welcome Corning Cable System Credit Union members.

Corning Cable Systems Credit Union will complete its partnership merger with Summit Credit Union on February 1, 2017. Here is a brief summary of changes that may affect your membership. In addition, please take time to browse our website to see the financial products and services that are now available to you as a Summit Credit Union member.

Office Closed for Transition.

To facilitate the merger, the CCSCU office will close Tuesday, January 31 at noon and will reopen Thursday, February 2 at 8:30 a.m. You will not have access to your accounts from 5:00 p.m. January 31 until February 2. This will include withdrawals, ATM transactions, Debit Card and Credit Card transactions, and home banking. Please make plans to have sufficient cash on hand for this one-day transition.

Account and Loan Changes.

Your six-digit CCSCU member number will not change. Account suffixes, which identify the different types of accounts, such as savings and checking accounts, will change. All your savings accounts will transfer into similar savings products at Summit CU rates effective the day of transfer. All your loan accounts will keep their current rate and payment, except for Credit Cards, which will receive a lower rate of 9.95% APR.

Checking Accounts.

Continue using your CCSCU checks through January 31. Near the end of January, you will receive a free, initial supply of 20 Summit CU checks, which you can begin using on February 2. Should you need replacement checks, bring your old checks to the branch and we’ll replace them at no cost.

Home Banking and Bill Pay.

CCSCU’s Home Banking and Bill Pay will not automatically transfer over to Summit CU’s Home Banking 24 and Bill Payer. Payees and scheduled transfers set up in CCSCU’s Home Banking or Bill Pay will have to be re-entered in Summit CU’s Home Banking 24 beginning February 2.

Record Critical Information Before January 31

Access to information in CCSCU’s Home Banking and Bill Pay will effectively end Tuesday, January 31 at 5:00 p.m. Please take time before then to record critical information that you will need to re-enter in Summit CU’s Home Banking 24 and Bill Payer.

  • Income Tax Records. Copy and record any information you will need for your tax records (check copies, payments, contributions, etc.).
  • Bill Payer and Scheduled Transfers. Record payee names, addresses, account numbers, transfer amounts and any other data you may need when setting up payees, payments, transfers, etc. in Summit CU’s Home Banking 24 and Bill Payer.
Direct Deposits and Payment Drafts.

Existing direct deposits and payment drafts will automatically transfer to your Summit CU account after February 2. You may set up new direct deposits and payment drafts to/from your checking account using the 9-digit MICR account number at the bottom of your new Summit CU checks. For a new savings direct deposit, use your 6-digit account number. In either case, you’ll also need Summit CU’s Routing Number – 253176118.

Debit Card and Credit Card

Continue using your CCSCU card(s) until 5:00 p.m. January 31. In mid-January, you will receive new Summit CU card(s) to replace your CCSCU Debit Card and/or Credit Card. You may activate the card(s) immediately following the instructions on the card’s sticker, but wait until February 2 before using your new Summit CU card(s).

  • Recurring Card Payments: If you have recurring monthly payments (i.e. gym membership or insurance premiums) paid by your Debit Card or Credit Card, they must be changed to your new Summit CU Debit Card or Credit Card. After your January payments are made, contact each payee with your new card number.

Review a list of Frequently Asked Questions. If you have further questions about your account or any of the services, call our Member Service Call Center at 800-632-0210. Hours are 7:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m., Monday - Thursday and until 6:00 p.m. on Friday.