Online Banking System Requirements

Documents on this site are in Portable Document Format (PDF). A PDF viewer, such as Adobe® Acrobat® Reader, is needed to view these documents.

For optimum security protection and user experience with Home Banking 24 and the Mobile 24 app, Summit Credit Union strongly recommends that you use or upgrade to the latest version of software for your device.

Update to Mobile 24

Effective February 10, 2021, we are rolling-out a minor update that may affect certain members still using the Mobile 24 app on older mobile devices. Members will be unable to install or upgrade the Mobile 24 app on any of the devices below (or older).

  • iPhone 5S, 6, or 6 Plus
  • IPod Touch (6th generation)
  • iPad Mini 2 or 3
  • iPad Air

For the Mobile 24 app already installed on these devices, it will no longer be supported and may eventually begin to lose functionality as future updates are deployed. For your convenience and security, we recommend that you discontinue use of and uninstall the Mobile 24 app from any of the above devices and only use the app on a device that meets the requirements posted on this page.

For questions, issues or concerns about this update, call Chrissy at 336-662-6253 or email

Internet Browsers for Using Home Banking 24

Minimum Browser Versions
  • Google Chrome 86
  • Apple Safari 13
  • Microsoft Edge 84
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11
  • Mozilla Firefox 83

If you need assistance determining which browser you’re using, visit

Mobile Device Requirements for Using the Mobile 24 App

Minimum Operating System Versions
  • Android 5
  • iOS 13

To determine your Mobile Operating System version and to update visit: