Empower Your Financial Savvy

Through our free workshops members learn practical tips on how to reach goals and improve their personal finances.

Whatever your goals, we're right there with you.

There are thousands of tomorrows out there - each with endless possibilities. Where can you find the money to make the most of them? At Summit Credit Union, we have some solid suggestions.

Money Market Account

It's a win-win combination. Our Money Markets come with higher rates, while also providing fast, easy access to your funds.

Individual Retirement Arrangement (IRA)

What do you want from your golden years? Our tax-advantaged Traditional and Roth IRAs can help you save enough to make them pretty special.

Club Savings Account

Welcome to our clubs! Young kids, teens, seniors, and families saving for Christmas can all find accounts tailored exactly to their financial needs.

Membership Savings Account

For $5, you can start your savings journey. Plus, you'll become a full-fledged Summit Credit Union member and have access to all our services.

Special Savings Account

Why stop with only one savings account? Go ahead, open a second - and third and fourth - account to set aside funds for specific purposes.


Any choice is a good one. Save for anywhere from 6 to 36 months, and walk away with a good bit more than when you started.

Hear it From Our Members

Customer service is extremely friendly. Make it very convenient to apply for a loan over the phone.
Angel W.