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Terms and Conditions

Condition. All collateral items (cars, trucks, boats, RVs, etc.) are sold in "as is" condition with no warranty, either expressed or implied.

Special Financing Rate. We offer 0% APR financing (on approved credit) for those who bid the asking price or above, on any vehicle held as collateral by the Credit Union. Taxes, tags, and title fees are not included in the amount financed. A bidder offering less than the asking price may receive financing at the Credit Union at a rate determined based on credit history and our normal loan-granting criteria.

Price and Bidding. Our asking price is a guide related to the fair market value of the vehicle. It does not represent an actual selling price. Bidders may place a bid higher or lower than the asking price and the winning bidder will be notified of their winning bid by phone. Serious bidders bidding the asking price, or more, may request that their bid be reviewed immediately.

The Credit Union reserves the right to continue the bidding process, regardless of bid amounts above or below the asking price. The decision to award a bid is up to the discretion of Credit Union management.

Upon notification, the winning bidder has three business days to complete the purchase at the bid price. Otherwise, the credit union may either award the winning bid to the next highest bidder, or extend the bidding process.

By placing a bid you are certifying that you inspected the vehicle and/or property prior to placing the bid and that you accept the condition "as is."

For additional information. For details about vehicles, bidding, or financing, text or call our Collections Call Center at 336-662-6204 or e-mail us at [email protected].

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