Why so many accounts? Because saving is so important.

When you're a kid, it's good to learn financial responsibility. When the holidays arrive, you want nice things for your family. When you're a senior, you're trying to make every dollar to count. When you're Summit Credit Union, you design special accounts for special people.

Christmas Club Savings

Save for Yule year-round. Those spring and summer deposits can turn into extra gifts and fancier gatherings when the winter holidays arrive.

Kids Club Savings

How do we make saving fun for the under-13 crowd? Let's start with birthday cards, annual gifts and a pretty cool quarter saver.

Youth Club Savings

Teens are ready to spread their wings. Start nudging them from your financial nest with an account that includes a debit card and Digital Banking access.

Senior Club Account

You've earned it! A long list of free financial services gives our over-55 friends more money to spend on everything else in their lives.

My CU Club

Our loyal members deserve more than a hearty "thank you." The bigger the balances in your deposit and loan accounts, the more special deals on financial services you can receive.

Hear it From Our Members

Customer service is extremely friendly. Make it very convenient to apply for a loan over the phone.
Angel W.