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Credit Score Analysis

What is a Credit Score Analysis?

A Credit Score Analysis is an in-depth review of your credit history using a recent credit report. We will analyze your credit and offer suggestions on how to improve your credit score.  


Almost everyone, young or old, can benefit from raising their credit score. We can help you if

  • You have seen your credit score fall
    ... or ...
  • You have never had credit.

A higher credit score results in lower loan interest rates, higher credit limits, and better financing terms at most lenders. With a higher credit score, you will pay less interest on loans and have lower monthly payments.

How It WorksPhoto of people in meeting discussing their finances

During a Credit Score Analysis, a specially trained Credit Union loan counselor will individually, and privately, review your credit report. We’ll go through your report line-by-line to tell you what you are doing right, what needs to change, and what you can do to improve your credit score. You will get a twelve-month plan and we will give you a rough estimate of what your credit score can be if you follow the plan.

A Credit Score Analysis generally requires a 30-minute appointment at any of our branch offices. To schedule your appointment, call 336-662-6202.