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Credit Score Education and Tools

My FICO® Score

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See your FICO® Credit Score in Home Banking 24 (in the services menu) or Mobile 24 (main menu). When you select "My FICO® Score" you can see your credit score, key factors affecting your score, and information to help you better understand the ins and outs of the FICO® Credit Score.

Reviewing your credit score will provide an insight into the movement of your score, up or down. While it is normal for a score to regularly move slightly up or down, a continuing decline should be cause for alarm.

Scores are provided for the primary member; scores are not available for joint members. Your score will be updated every three months and may vary from other credit score providers.

Using the My FICO® Score service will not change your credit score. You can opt-out of the My FICO® Score service at any time by calling 800-288-5252.

Credit Score Analysis

Receive a free, in-depth review of your credit history using a recent credit report. We will actively analyze your credit and offer you personal suggestions on how to improve your credit score. Call 336-662-6202 and schedule your Credit Score Analysis today.

Credit Builder

We all find-out too quickly in life how a low credit score can make meeting financial needs a struggle. So, Summit Credit Union developed a Credit Builder loan program. Credit Builder is series of loan products designed to help you get your credit on-track. Whether you are starting-out or starting-over, discover how a Credit Builder product can help you improve your credit.

On Budget

Sample chart using On Budget

Get your finances under control with On Budget, the money management tool available in our internet banking services. Whether you use Home Banking 24 or Mobile 24, this easy online budgeting tool helps you track expenses, set goals, and automatically import data from other financial institutions, all in one place.


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