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Summit Credit Union as an Employee Benefit

Set Your Company Apart... and Save Your Employees Thousand$

No cost to your company and no cost to your employees. As a great (and free) employee benefit, our wide array of financial products can help your employees save money on their personal finances in a variety of ways:

  • Refinance a high-rate auto loan.
  • FREE Checking with no strings attached.
  • Transfer credit balances to our low-rate credit card.
  • Rebuild credit or establish credit for the first time.
  • Lower cost auto and homeowners insurance.

. . . Just to name a few!

Offering Summit Credit Union is one way to show employees that you care about more than their life at work.

A Financially Secure Employee is a Better Employee. Probably the best reason to offer us as an employee benefit is that financially secure employees are better employees... they are off work less, more attentive while at work, and aren't distracted dealing with outside financial stress. We will give all your employees, regardless of their credit background, the chance to establish a program of regular savings and open a checking account.       

We serve employees of nearly 200 companies all across North Carolina and in neighboring states. We'd be proud to serve your employees, too.

It's easy to get started! If you would like more information on how to offer Summit Credit Union as an employee benefit, give our Business Development Team a call at 800-632-0210 ext. 6255 or 336-662-6255.