Direct Deposit

Most regular deposits you receive, such as a paycheck, retirement, or pension can be Direct Deposited into either your savings or checking account at Summit. Direct Deposit means that the funds will be sent electronically to us for placement in your account on your payday.

Types of Funds That Can Be Direct Deposited

  • Paychecks
  • Retirement and Pensions
  • Social Security and Disability payments
  • Military pay, retirement, and disability payments

Starting Direct Deposit

In most cases it's simple to start Direct Deposit. Just provide the following items to the department or individual who administers your checks:

  • Our ABA Routing Number: 253176118
  • Your member number (to deposit your funds into your savings account) or the middle set of numbers on the bottom of your checks (to deposit in your checking account). 

    Check Image








You can also find this information in Home Banking 24 under the "Service" tab. If you have additional questions or are not sure you have the correct numbers, please call our Member Service Call Center or stop by your local branch.

Direct Deposit can differ from company to company. Check with your payroll administrator about how quickly your payments will start or change.

Funding Multiple Accounts

If you would like your funds to go to more than one of your accounts, contact our Member Service Call Center, stop by your local branch, or set up automatic funds transfers using Home Banking 24.       

We'll be happy to set up distribution of your directly deposited funds to any other Summit account. There is no cost for transferring your money to other accounts at the time it is Direct Deposited.