Empower Your Financial Savvy

Through our free workshops members learn practical tips on how to reach goals and improve their personal finances.

Elevate Your Financial Future

You're young. Have fun. Do exciting stuff. But know when to get serious. Learn to manage money responsibly and develop a savings habit.

This is a perfect match for students and recent graduates looking to become more independent. Think about it – your very own checking account, debit card, and Digital Banking access. That sounds pretty grown-up to us.

Image of Jen, a financial education character

Student Elevation is designed for young adults and teens age 13 to 22 and offers the following benefits.

  • Checking account and debit card
  • Annual $5 birthday deposit for minors*
  • Savings earn interest, paid quarterly
  • Access to our financial education video library
  • Early My CU Club privileges
  • Taste of Reality adult-life-sim game
  • Access to our Zogo learn-to-earn app
  • Access to College scholarships
  • Student loan portal
  • College scholarships available
  • Student loan portal

To get started with Student Elevation, call or text our Member Service Call Center at 336-662-6200. Note: This is a membership offer and will require a minimum $5 deposit into a Savings account.*


Summit Credit Union is a full-service financial institution with eight branches throughout North Carolina.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your $5.00 on deposit in your savings account means you own one share of the Credit Union and are a part owner with full voting rights. Once you are a member/owner, you are eligible to take advantage of the other services available at the credit union. If your savings balance falls below the $5.00 requirement, you will need to make a deposit to bring the balance back to $5.00 to maintain your membership.

Free Checking

We help you avoid needless fees. Trust us for free checking with no strings attached.