My CU Club Rewards

Our My CU Club Rewards has been developed to reward members who take advantage of our services by making the Credit Union their primary, or only financial institution. You can find your My CU Club status in the header of your account statement and in Home Banking 24 and Mobile 24.

When you use the Credit Union for your borrowing, saving, and checking needs, you help your Credit Union grow stronger. And a strong Credit Union means more and better service for members.

Club Categories

My CU Clubs can be an age-based category or a relationship category. Your club designations are assessed at the end of each month and printed on your statement.

Age-Based Category

Age-based categories are Kids Club, Youth Club, and Senior Club.

Relationship Category

Relationship categories are based on the total number of Qualifying Services a member has, combined with that same member's total Qualifying Balance.

Club Minimum
Standard Club 1 $500
Enhanced Club 2 $5,000
Partner Club 3 $15,000
Premier Club 4 $25,000

Once you become a Premier Club member, you remain in the Premier Club for life.

Relationship-Based Benefits

Yes, free = Free   No, low fee = Low Fee Standard

ID Theft Recovery Service Yes, free Yes, free Yes, free Yes, free
Check Cashing Yes, free Yes, free Yes, free Yes, free
CO-OP Shared Branch Transactions Yes, free Yes, free Yes, free Yes, free
Low Balance Inactive Account Fee Yes, free Yes, free Yes, free Yes, free
Teller/Certified Check No, low fee   Yes, free1   Yes, free1 Yes, free
Membership Account Below $5 No Yes, free Yes, free Yes, free
Returned Third-Party NSF Checks No, low fee Yes, free Yes, free Yes, free
Check and Statement Copies Up to 10 copies of each per year No, low fee No, low fee Yes, free Yes, free
Excessive Research and Balancing Assistance No, low fee No, low fee Yes, free Yes, free
Assisted Transfers or Balance Inquiries No, low fee No, low fee Yes, free Yes, free
History Printout No, low fee No, low fee Yes, free Yes, free
ACH Origination (One-Time) No, low fee No, low fee No, low fee Yes, free
Over Five Non-Summit ATM Transactions in a Month No No No Yes, free
Non-Sufficient Funds Fee (Check or ACH Returned – excluding Overdraft Privilege) No, low fee No, low fee No, low fee Yes, free
Stop Payment By Check or ACH No, low fee No, low fee No, low fee Yes, free
Checking Printing No cost Senior Club checks also available No, low fee No, low fee No, low fee   Yes, free2
Counter Checks Maximum of eight checks No, low fee No, low fee No, low fee Yes, free
Cash or Deposit of Non-Member Third-Party Checks No, low fee No, low fee No, low fee Yes, free
Debit/Credit Card or PIN Replacement No, low fee No, low fee No, low fee Yes, free

1 One free per day   2 Available upon request


Qualifying Services

Qualifying Services are determined by how many unique Account Types you have. If you have multiple services of the same Account Type, they are treated as one Qualifying Service, but the combined balance from all accounts is considered when determining your relationship category.

Account Type Service
Membership or Special Savings Membership Savings Account
Kids Club Savings Account
Emergency Loan Savings Account
Credit Builder Special Savings Account
Other Savings Accounts
Christmas Club Christmas Club Savings Account
Money Market Regular Money Market Account
Investor Money Market Account
Certificate Regular Certificate Account
Jumbo Certificate Account
Individual Retirement Account (IRA) IRA Accumulator Account
Regular IRA Certificate Account
Jumbo IRA Certificate Account
(with Direct Deposit or eStatements)
Free Checking Account
Debit Card Only Account
Auto Loans New and Used Auto Loans
Motorcycle Loans New and Used Motorcycle Loans
Boat Loans New and Used Boat Loan
Recreational Vehicle Loans New and Used RV Loan
Personal Loans Signature Loan
Line of Credit Loan
Visa Credit Cards Visa Platinum
Visa Platinum Rewards
Savings Secured Visa
Credit Builder Visa
Home Equity Line of Credit  
Fixed-Rate Home Equity Loan  
Secured Loans Savings Secured
Certificate Secured
Credit Builder Loans  
Emergency Loans  


As an example of how Qualifying Services work, consider that you have both a Membership Savings account and a Special Savings account. By examining the chart you see that these two services fall within the same Account Type and would therefore be counted as only one Qualifying Service. The same would be true for two auto loans or multiple Certificates. A Membership Savings and a Christmas Club, however, would count as two Qualifying Services because they are designated as separate Account Types.

Qualifying Balances

Your Qualifying Balance is the total of all your Summit deposits plus the total of all your Summit loan balances.

Please note that loans with payments over ten days past due will not be included in your Qualifying Balance.

Linking Accounts

Spouses or life partners residing at the same address may have their accounts linked so that the balances for both accounts will be combined to make the Qualifying Balance.

Just let us know which account you want linked to your primary account and we'll combine the balances from both accounts to determine your My CU Club category, but the Qualifying Services of the linked account are not able to be added. To have your accounts joined for My CU Club, download our printable form, fill it out, and mail it, fax it, or bring it in to your local branch.